Hand-Hewn Reclaimed Timber from Amish Barns in Utah

Hand-Hewn Reclaimed Timber from Amish Barns in Utah

Our hand-hewn, Amish reclaimed timbers being add a high end rustic feel throughout this home.

Our inventory is over +800! All sizes and lengths available for your next project or fireplace Mantel! 

Hand-hewn timbers are timber beams that have been cut and shaped by hand using tools such as axes and adzes. They are often used in historical and traditional building structures such as barns, cabins, and homes. The Amish are a community known for their skill in hand crafting wood products, including hand-hewn timbers.

Amish hand-hewn timbers are typically made from locally sourced hardwoods such as oak, hickory, and maple. They are harvested using sustainable forestry practices and are air-dried before they are hand-shaped. Amish craftsmen use traditional techniques to create these timbers, and each one is unique, showcasing the individual character of the wood and the skill of the craftsman.

Hand-hewn timbers offer several benefits over machine-cut lumber. They are often stronger and more durable due to the density of the wood, and they can add a rustic charm and unique character to a building’s interior and exterior.

Overall, hand-hewn timbers are a beautiful and functional choice for anyone looking to add a touch of natural beauty to their building project.

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